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Solution for die-casting adhesive of die-casting die


Solution for die-casting adhesive of die-casting die

2019-08-27 14:46
  Die-casting molds sometimes have the phenomenon of sticking mold sticks. Today, Wo Chi molds introduce the method to solve this phenomenon.
  1. Check whether the mold temperature is normal, and appropriately reduce the casting temperature and mold temperature of the alloy liquid;
  2. Check whether the proportion of the release agent is abnormal, try to replace the release agent, and adjust the spraying position and spraying amount;
  3. Polishing the surface of the die-casting mold, carefully polishing the nitrided mold to prevent the nitride layer from being destroyed, and forming a more and more sticky condition;
  4. Improve the design structure of the pouring system to prevent the alloy liquid from continuously scouring the cavity wall or core;
  5. Modify the mold cooling system, adjust the die casting process parameters, reduce the injection speed appropriately, and shorten the second speed stroke.
  6. Try to grind a few horizontal grooves on the moving mold, 0.2-0.3mm. The die-casting parts will be pulled very bright and will not be damaged. This can increase the clamping force of many moving mold sides and bring the die casting to the moving mold.

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